Susan’s Favorites

Favorite Running Store

Sole Sports Running Zone is not only a running store with a passionate and educated running staff, but also the heartbeat of our running community. I love that Sole Sports and it’s incredible staff go above and beyond, supporting each runner from the fitting room to the track, and contributing to multiple local charities.

Favorite Cross-Training Bike

ElliptiGO was my primary means of training on the four months leading up to the 2012 USA Olympic Trials with a torn hamstring. Now in my 50’s, the low-impact ElliptiGO is an important tool to keep me strong, fit and injury-free, so I can continue to achieve my goals.

Favorite Pre/During & Post Run Drink

UCAN Super Starch Drink gives me steady, even energy during my workouts and races. It tastes great and makes me feel great!

UCAN Protein Drink provides me with carbs, protein and electrolytes after my workouts to optimize recovery.

Favorite Post Run Recovery Tool

ROLL Recovery is a convenient, easy-to-use massage tool that feels great after my workouts and reduces recovery times. I never leave home without it!

Favorite Running Tank

Rabbit Bunny Hop

Favorite Running Long Sleeve

Rabbit Zippity-Do-Dah

Favorite Running Short

Rabbit Catch Me If You Can

Favorite Running Bra

Oiselle New Lesko Jog Bra is a simple, supportive and comfy bra that was built for running.

Favorite Running Shoe

Saucony Kinvara running shoes are neutral with no added weight. I train and race in this shoe. Tip: order from Sole Sports.

Favorite Watch

Garmin 620 tracks my GPS, heartbeat and more! Check it out at Sole Sports.

Favorite Sock

Asics Kayano has been my favorite sock for years. These are a must try!

Favorite Strength Training

TriPlex Training offers functional strength training in all three planes of motion. These awesome workouts are keeping me injury free and strong!

Favorite Food Journal

My Fitness Pal is a simple app that helps me track what I eat and monitor if I’m fueling my body for the best performance possible.

Favorite Training Log

Training Peaks is an easy-to-use program that helps me track, analyze and record my daily workouts. Additionally, I use it to write training plans for the runners I coach–awesome!

Favorite Recovery Footwear

OOFOS have been my flip flop of choice since purchasing my first pair in Australia over a year ago. They absorb shock, reduce stress on highly abused feet, offer great arch support, and are bio-mechanically designed for my feet. You must try them–they’re the best!