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The first step in achieving any goal is to believe – to believe in your purpose, your potential, and your ability to succeed. It’s important to believe, in spite of hurdles and criticism. I began running at age thirty-six. Despite all the obstacles and odds piled up against me, I had faith that I could complete my first marathon. Like the caterpillar who delves into the unknown, uncertain of the future, yet confident that something better lies on the other side, I never let go of the belief that I could succeed, that I could reach my own personal level of greatness...

Between my 8 years of Elite running experience, 6 years of successful coaching, Road Runners Club of America Coaching Certification, National Personal Training Institute Certification and numerous courses in sports nutrition for distance running, as well my personal understanding of how to balance training with real life, I will build a science-based training program tailored to fit your current fitness, your goals, and your lifestyle. I will help you BECOME YOUR DREAM! Join the BTB running team today!

“Susan is the MOST motivating, passionate, and positive person I have ever been around and her belief in my ability to succeed was contagious! Every aspect of her training program had me totally prepared for a great race in NYC..."
Stop crawling and start flying. Running will transform your life. Learn more about BTB's Personalized Training Programs.

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