Group Training Plans

Triplex Training and BTB Coaching – Mission Statement

The experts at Triplex Training and BTB Coaching have joined forces to offer runners a program that combines all the tools necessary for comprehensive well-being and training success. This program has been designed to help runners improve functional strength and reduce the likelihood and consequence of injury. Your customized training schedule will uniquely suit your schedule and play upon your strengths, weaknesses and individual concerns.

Running Coach Susan Loken will develop customized training schedules for each runner or group, based on her Elite running background and multiple certifications (RRCA, USATF, Lydiard), to help you believe in yourself and run your best.

Certified Athletic Trainer Kyle Herrig will offer strength training classes geared towards tri-plane exercise with an emphasis on injury prevention. With 15+ years of experience and credentials (ATC, CSCS, CAFS), Triplex Training will provide exercises and education that compliment your run training.

The combined expertise of Susan Loken and Kyle Herrig will give participants access to a unique and valuable resource–a one-stop program where running, strength training and injury care overlap and build upon one another. Susan and Kyle share a passion for community and are jointly committed to creating a program in which runners can learn new techniques, get fit, and be supported by a team of trainers, runners and encouraging new friends.

Triplex Training & BTB Group Training Plans


Feb 8, 2020 Phoenix Half/Full Marathon


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  • Training Dates: Oct 8th – Feb 8th
  • Program: 4 months.


April 20th 2020 Boston Marathon


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  • Training Dates: Dec 20th – April 20th
  • Program: 4 months

Training Rates

BTB Group Marathon Coaching $55/month
Triplex Workouts $144/month
Sign up for BTB & Triplex: $164/month (save $35 per month)
**For groups of four or more wanting to train for a race that’s not on our group training schedule, we will honor our above group rates and add your race to our group race calendar


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Together we can!

Package Deal Includes:

  • Scientifically based training plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners are written by Susan Loken (Elite Runner, RRCA, Lydiard II & USATF I Certified Running Coach. NPTI Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Certified)
  • Training Peaks software membership with online/iPhone access to your weekly training schedule and easy training data entry.
  • Weekly Group Track Session
  • Weekly Group Long Run
  • Susan Loken will be on hand at all run workouts to offer guidance, motivation, accountability and answer questions about training, nutrition, running form & race strategy.
  • Unlimited Functional Movement Workouts at Triplex Training
  • Access to athletic trainers for advice/recommendations regarding injury/pain
  • Coach Loken on hand for all questions and advice if you need to tweak your individual running plan. Advice and suggestions are available for group plan participants.
  • Specifically designed workouts to address movements ideal to runners
  • Kyle Herrig MS, ATC/L, CSCS, CAFS & his team of professionals will be at every Triplex workout to help with building strength, injury prevention and always available to answer questions.
  • Informative Seminars on nutrition, running form, injury prevention & more
  • A group of like-minded runners to provide support, new friendships and accountability
  • Discount on all Rabbit Running apparel with free team logo printed on team tank.
  • Sole Sports Discount
  • For more information email: