Team BTB offers GROUP, FRIENDS and/or INDIVIDUAL programs for runners of all levels and ability! Whether you want to run a 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon, our training programs will start by building up your aerobic endurance, improving mechanics, and increase your strength to ensure you have a proper base. Expect your weekly mileage to gradually increase as you get further along in your program. The program consistently builds in distance and intensity with purpose to every workout. The principles of periodization will be applied to ensure the proper combination of work and rest. Educational events are offered on topics such as sports nutrition, injury prevention, running form and race strategies. Our group track sessions and long runs help you stay motivated, accountable, keep you on pace and inspire you. You will enjoy the entire training journey as you take your running to new levels.

Group, Friends & Individual Program Benefits

  • Basic Training Peaks software membership with online/iPhone access to your weekly training schedule and easy training data entry.
  • Scientifically based training plans for individuals, beginners, intermediate and advanced runners are written by Susan Loken (Elite Runner, RRCA Certified Coach, Lydiard Certified Coach, NPTI Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Certified)
  • Group Weekly Track Session
  • Group Weekly Long Run
  • Informative Seminars on nutrition, running form, injury prevention & race day strategy
  • Your experienced coach is on hand at every workout to offer guidance, motivation, accountability and answer questions about training, sports nutrition, injuries, running form, equipment and more
  • A group of like-minded runners to provide support, new friendships and accountability
  • Sports Nutrition advice and/or race-specific nutritional ideas (i.e., what to eat & drink during a race). Also, I’ve partnered with a nutrition coach, Carrie Weldy who can provide detailed nutrition advice at a special price for our team members.
    **Note: I am not a nutritionist.
  • Strength Training Routine
  • Sole Sports Discount
  • BTB/Sole Sports Oiselle Race Singlet ($30)
  • Education on the key principles of sports nutrition (hydration, fuel for your muscles and optimal recovery)
  • Running Drills & Stretches that will improve your running form and efficiency
  • Instruction on running form and specific drills to improve your running form will be offered before each track session.


  • Do you have a friend or group of friends that are similar in fitness ability and would like to train together for a specific race not offered under our group training programs? We have the answer for you! We now offer a friends training program for 2 or more friends. This program will be written specifically for your group’s goal race. This will include accommodations for your group’s goal and schedule changes due to work, family and life. Your group will have one point person that will be responsible for collecting each friend’s monthly coaching payment (one monthly group payment to be submitted to BTB). All schedule changes and/or “friends” training accommodations for goals, injuries and life’s challenges will go through your point person and then your BTB Coach. In other words, we will make all changes and accommodations necessary to make your friends successful and reach their goals, but we will communicate all training plan changes and only take payment through your group’s point person. Of, course all other benefits of the group training program are available to all friends including the long runs and track sessions.
  • 2 Friends: $100 per month ($50 each)
  • 3 Friends: $135 per month ($45 each)
  • 4 Friends: $160 per month ($40 each)
  • Each additional friend add on $40 per month


  • For some individuals, a move to individualized coaching may be appropriate or desired. Not everyone feels comfortable with, or will benefit best from a group program tailored to meet many needs. That’s why we offer an upgrade to individualized coaching where you will work directly with your Coach (Susan Loken) to have an individual program written specifically for you, based on your current fitness and goals. This will include unlimited communication with Susan and accommodations for personalized goals, schedules, and injuries totally catered around anything life throws your way – essentially anything that will help make you as successful as possible through your training and on race day. We will build a coach/athlete relationship, based on communication and our common goal of watching YOU SUCCEED. When needed I will be your cheerleader, your kick in the butt, your motivation, your shoulder to lean on, your inspiration and your voice of experience and reason.

Of course, all other benefits of the group training program are available to you including the long runs and track sessions.

12 weeks: $255 ($85 per month)
16 weeks: $320 ($80 per month)
20 weeks: $375 ($75 per month)


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