Believe Train Become

The first step in achieving any goal is to believe – believe in your purpose, your potential, and your ability to succeed. That is the basis of BTB Coaching. I began running at age thirty-six. Despite the obstacles and odds piled up against me, I had faith that I could complete my first marathon. Like the caterpillar who delves into the unknown – uncertain of the future, yet confident that something better lies on the other side; I never let go of the belief that I could succeed, that I would reach my own personal level of greatness.

Experience & Certifications:

  • 12+ years elite running experience
  • 10+ years coaching
  • RRCA Certified
  • Lydiard Certified
  • USATF1 Certified
  • NPTI Certified
  • Training in sports psychology
  • Training in sports nutrition for distance running
  • Revo2lution Running Certified

Beyond the Foundation

I have a personal understanding of how to balance training with real life. I will build a science-based training program tailored to fit your current fitness, your goals, and your lifestyle. I will help you BECOME YOUR DREAM! Join the BTB running team today!